Dear FCC


 Dear FCC,

I feel that inviting public comment on the issue of “net neutrality” is the equivalent of inviting the Jews of Nazi Germany to fill out suggestion cards as they are housed into the “ghettos” or worse. Perhaps I just feel helpless in addressing an issue that can be presented as so complex, that the general public is content to leave all decisions regarding it, to the “experts.” Yet, here I am trying because I don’t believe any American should sit by and watch, as something so rare and purely American as the free internet, is seized upon by the greed of monopolizing giants, and partitioned like so many pieces of an endangered American dream.

The internet is changing how information, lives, ideas, news both tragic and empowering, is shared. It has succeeded in connecting the entire world in near real time. This was all well and good it would seem until it also began to change significantly how we access entertainment. People can now truly personalize their entertainment packages by opting to utilize resources like YouTube, Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, and Chromecast, for a cost that is better fitted to their household incomes. As a single father of two teenage daughters, I have been able to utilize these entities to offer my family access to quality news and entertainment customized to our taste and budget. This is something cable companies do not offer. As a result they are making less money as families choose to only purchase internet service rather than the pricier television packages.

Rather than evolve by offering consumers more competitively priced cable packages, the cable companies are seeking to maintain their preferred status quo by cornering entities such as Netflix, into paying higher premiums. This they know will result in Netflix having to raise its prices, discouraging Americans from choosing internet based entertainment, or from walking away from their cable services in favor of more cost effective options.

What “net Neutrality” is really about is the will of the Monopoly vs. American idealism (also known as the American capacity to set the proverbial bar of goodness, decency, fairness, and happiness, at such a point that inspires us to reach). In the midst of the recession, as our ship seemed to be irretrievably sinking, General Motors, Wall Street, and other financial giants, were called into the life boats, as the American citizen was offered a vague promise to come back with help. They are still waiting; Still waiting for a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, to actually choose the people.

Thank God we have not found a way to regulate the sun and how much vitamin D and warmth it gives off, and to whom. Thank God we have not begun to capture and sell breathable air. Oh, wait, we have begun to do that. Anyway, please, as there can be only one sun to shine on all indiscriminately, and as there should be only one air for all to breath, there should also be only one speed limit on the internet: FREE.  



~ by rimofheaven on June 8, 2014.

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