Regarding Us…

Is humanity the sum of all of its things? Choices; to do or not to do, act or not to act, to believe or not to believe in here and now, there and then, the had or was, even the maybe and the might in answer to why, when, and what for when our darkness seems to pierce every dawn, reign o’re every sky and swallow the very spectrum of the day’s ending – It’s appetite never sated by the broken spirit of father, feeding its thirst for the wailing tears of mother that however much it swallows, can never be quenched for the salt. Such seems the fate of humanity for all its brilliance firing across the darkest skies, it’s impact reaching down to the secret depths, or it’s capacity to find hope in the things unseen, that in taking up the sword against and seeking to defeat the dark, humanity must wages war upon and hopes to overcome the chemistry of its mind, the biology of its flesh – pitting the soul against it’s very self.


~ by rimofheaven on February 24, 2012.

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