Mr. Grey

Oblivion: No Memory

The state of being completely forgotten

The state of being completely destroyed

I was in the throat of a pit, surrounded by it’s darkness, and I was not surprised to find myself there. I clawed at the earthy walls in an attempt to reach the mouth of the pit through which soft shafts of sunlight descended. I surveyed the distance to the light and estimated that it was about twenty feet away. Suddenly I became aware… No. That is not true. I had always been aware of the presence below me lurking in the darkness. What I was not aware of was that the presence was climbing as well. Until this moment it must have stalked silently with deliberate purpose; wanting me to assume that although it did exist, it did so indifferently – incurious to my ascension and content in it’s black obscurity. What Folly! I peered back over my shoulder down into the shifting pitch as one does when walking through the woods or a dark alleyway, and for the first time I saw it. At this moment the entity became manifest. One is aware of spiders, but never so aware as when one such predator lowers itself down right before your eyes in all it’s furtive glory. And although it is smaller than you, it has the edge because you possess an unconscious, inborn knowledge that all reason, compassion, mercy, or fear, are alien to this creature of instinct, and this knowledge gives you pause if not fear. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, and the shadows began to fall away, the entity took shape, giving me both pause and fear, and it a decided edge. All at once a game of cat and mouse came to an end, and all intentions became clear as it began to move toward me out of the darkness. The furtive pursuit was clearly abandoned in favor of deliberate advances. I found the power to turn away, and began to climb toward the light with all of my might. All of my life I’ve been told to never look back what ever you do. Doing so could cost you critical ground. Still, I looked back, and as I did so my hopes began to fade. It possessed a blotchy, grey, appearance; void of life. It had the shape of an average man, but it’s faded skin was pulled as tight as a drum, revealing every powerful bone, muscle, and tendon. As it climbed effortlessly, closing the gap between us, every lean flex of it’s body seemed to say: “I will prevail.” Although I had never stopped climbing, I returned all of my attention to reaching the light. searching within myself, I frantically felt around the walls of my heart and the pit of my being for the will to climb harder, but there was nothing there. Still, I pulled and pushed with everything I had. The light was only a few feet away now. But the entity, I could feel it just below my feet trying to push it’s way right through me. But I was there now, at the mouth of the throat. As my face emerged into the glow of day, I saw that I was in the middle of a forest of pines. Golden pine needles carpeted the ground, and soft shafts of sunlight filtered down through the branches and ran over my face, caressing my skin with a long forgotten warmth. I was so unaccustomed to the light that I had to close my eyes, allowing the golden rays to warm my eyelids and turn them a soft, reddish, hue. As I blinked, attempting to take in my surroundings, I was simultaneously aware of the entity. it was upon me. In one last attempt to push it back, I kicked at it and tried to send it falling back into the abyss. But against it’s powerful body my legs felt weak and feeble. It rose until it’s head and shoulders were fixed slightly, yet ominously above my own. It’s hands gripped my biceps with crushing power. Our eyes became fixed upon one another. It’s large, black, eyes – void of empathy – studied me without moving. It’s face was like it’s eyes in that compassion was alien to it. It had no nose, ears, or mouth, only trace evidences like the ancient ruins to once proud civilizations that have toppled and faded into the wake of time, leaving behind earthy mounds and clearings in mock tribute. Such was the face of this living void. While I stared, transfixed in it’s grasp, it was clearly studying me: the fear in my eyes, the weakness of my flesh, my capacity for hope, sentiment, compassion, empathy, and regret. It regarded all of these things and all of the other thousands of components and gestures that make one human, as it’s dead eyes bore into me. Then I saw in it’s shining orbs a conclusion being drawn. It’s head had tilted slightly. The muscles in it’s face tightened, and it’s empty visage became full of contempt and disgust. I sickened it, and there could not be room for both of us in this world of light. One of us would return to the darkness – alone and forever. In the midst of this realization, powerless to do anything else, I wanted to cry a river of tears, but found that I could not. Not for lack of sorrow, but for lack of the plain ability to do so. In my horror I went to scream a cry for help – though I know not to whom – that would have been echoed to the ends of the earth, even to the caverns of space and time. As I went to voice my cry I found that my tongue had began to become one with my jaw and the roof of my mouth. They seemed to be melting together into a resistant, gooey, mass of flesh. I struggled with my throat and mouth, and had the sensation of swallowing hardening cement. Still, I managed to open my mouth. But, as I used every last ounce of will and strength to form the word “Help” all that exited my dying throat was a warped, hallow, moan. Then I began to descend as I surrendered all hope and allowed the abyss to swallow me, and take me away from the light…forever.


~ by rimofheaven on June 19, 2011.

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  1. reason ;reason for women is to try to understand man and never to over mind him :ocassion for a man to try toy relay to women but never give up on her well being.


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