Windows Phone, My Xbox 360 and Leaving Apple

I don’t currently own a smart phone of any kind, as I have normally found myself routinely balking at the “necessity” of owning one. However, I am a die-hard gamer who owns a Xbox 360. I use Xbox Live on a daily basis, which is how I came to learn about the Windows Phone. Right away I was intrigued because I immediately began imagining the possibilities of enhanced gaming experience, sync, or finally seeing my 360 become more of the hub of my daily life that I always believed it had the potential to be. So, right away I registered with Windows Phone and began exploring the possibilities.
Having done some studying, I am becoming concerned that other than having the ability to use Xbox Live on my Windows Phone, it would really share no other area of common ground with my 360 gaming console. What was I hoping for exactly? Well: maybe a firmware update that would allow my console to become more than an entertainment device, like a calendar, web browsing capabilities, etc, which would then sync with my Windows Phone. This would be the ultimate! Apple does it all of the time. Anyone of the Ipods, Itouches, or Ipads, can not only sync with and integrate with existing Apple computer systems, but can also enhance the owner’s entire experience with his/her home computer or laptop. These are major kudos that are offered to those who are willing to purchase the Apple product. It would seem logical to me for Microsoft to do the same with its Xbox Gaming consoles and all other relevant peripherals and hardware. In short, I want to own a Windows Phone. I want to support Microsoft. Yet, why should I if it is not going to enhance my existing Microsoft product and  experience?
In addition to my earlier concerns about integrating the Windows Phone into my existing 360 lifestyle, I would like to ask this:
How many owners of Xbox 360 also own Iphones, Ipads, Ipods, Ipod Touches, or just Mac machines and why. I used Mac products for over twenty years. I currently own one Imac, two ipods, and a powerbook. I’ve always trusted the Apple product, and have come to expect that any ipod or iphone, etc that I purchase will sync with and enhance my existing Apple products. I’m sure that if I did not own any Apple computers, neither would I own two ipods. My point is this: I also own an Xbox 360, and enjoy a gold membership on Xbox Live. I game frequently, and use Xbox Live almost daily – more than any other application in my home. Recently, my macs began to age, and I found my myself shopping for a new Mac computer. Yet, for the first time in my life I considered not buying a new Mac. Why? 1: cost. 2: my Xbox 360.
Apple products are expensive, more so than the competition. Yet they are able to get away with it because of iphones, ipods, ipod touches, ipads, and the seamless integration of these secondary products into existing Apple hardware in the consumer’s lifestyle. Well, my Xbox 360 is a very important piece of hardware in my family’s lifestyle. We game, watch dvds, use Netflix and Zune, and we view media via thumb drives, all on hour 360. Due to the importance of our gaming console, for the first time I chose not to purchase a new Apple computer. In fact, I did purchase a new Mac on line, but then returned it before it even reached my home because I knew a Windows-based PC would integrate more seamlessly with my Xbox lifestyle by allowing me to take full advantage of streaming music and photos, etc. So, I purchased a Toshiba laptop, and have no regrets. Imagine that, after using Mac faithfully since 1988, I purchased my first Windows based PC because of my gaming console and the overall value of the product.
So, now there is this new Windows Phone that has the potential to further enhance Xbox 360 experience, but will it? If it does in the end, perhaps I will purchase one rather than an iphone.

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~ by rimofheaven on September 12, 2010.

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