Crowning Mystery

why am i terrified

i am not David

who hid behind God

i question the cosmos alone


in the void of it’s darkness

uncomforted and at peace

in the indifference of it’s light

my faith is discovered in the unknown


mysterious and elusive answers

leading in a very slow dance

in parry to impatient and seductive questions

at least we are in his arms


which however infinite

cradle all without favor

and yet i am afraid

beating a deep and rapid alarm


because she

the crowning mystery

loves me

calls me to become one


question and answer

to leave this kingdom

all battlements and bastions

unarmed and undone


~ by rimofheaven on May 11, 2010.

One Response to “Crowning Mystery”

  1. Very nice poem…I enjoyed the imagery in the poem…thanks for sharing it.


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