at my side stands a father

who saw something special

in the broken shadow standing before him

searching for the fragments of shattered dreams

daring to return to the kingdom of youth

where dreams are merely choices

made by the blissfully ignorant

seen by the painfully aware

believing each day would be my last

each night I lay in disbelief

beneath legions of knowing stars

winking at tomorrow

where i would run from the dawn

to the sound of his cadence

running with me – stride for stride

and so beyond my belief

in my former self

i could have spanned the world

one step at a time

to the sound of his cadence

shaking the ground

from my unlikely beginnngs

to a circle once closed

where my heart sang

with a newly found strength

a restored belief

running stride for stride

across a world adventured from flat to round

into the shape of a dream


~ by rimofheaven on February 16, 2009.

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