Computers Suck: Mac vs PC

Okay, I own four macs: One Imac g4, two Imac g3’s, and an Ibook. At work I use a pc every day, and I also use a panasonic toughbook laptop. At home I use my Imac, so I get to compare them daily. I like using my pc and my toughbook because they are compatible with almost every add on, update, download, gaming software, and the oh so many other empowering software creations out there. This is a nice perk – never having to check compatibility before downloading or purchasing. Also, pc’s seem to come with all the little extras at no extra cost: solitaire, mine sweeper, etc. Also, every add on, every piece of software, is simply cheaper on the pc. My mac is the absolute opposite of this. Compatibility and cost are always issues; I mean when I go into Walmart and look at their gaming software, I can never find a single game that is compatible with my mac. This is supremely aggravating, especially when Walmart always has about 20 $10.00 games on display (great bargains), and I can’t enjoy a single one of them. So, how come at the end of the day I’m always happy to come home to my mac? One: At work we have had to deal with viruses and spyware, and at home we have never had to concern ourselves with such issues. Two: I don’t see anything personal about using a pc. It is just very ordinary somehow, while my mac seems to be more of an extension of myself. Three: Compatibility aside, my mac just isn’t a squeaky wheel. It just serenely moves along, while the pc’s at work perform like drama queens. It’s funny, I’m writing this blog in favor of mac on a pc. Sorry pc, my mac is just cooler. Anyway, that is my take on PC vs MAC.

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~ by rimofheaven on July 8, 2008.

6 Responses to “Computers Suck: Mac vs PC”

  1. Here’s another funny mac vs. pc commercial, only with a new contender involved:


  2. Hi, I haven’t seen this post right away. But I completely agree with you, Mac is the best. We have 4 Macs at home and been using the first one (a G2) since 2002. And it’s still in tip top shape. Their products are always getting better. We never had any crashes or virus issue with the Macs. I use them for my graphic design business too. I also hate the fact that there are hardly any PC games for Macs except when you order/buy them at the Apple Store. I play Sims 2 with my G5 and my husband enjoys the online game WOW with his iMac. 🙂


  3. and beware of the Mac Bees


  4. You may want to consider destroying them soon


  5. I agree with you in some points, but for me the price of the Mac’s bells and whistles (which I can easily get for a lower price for a PC) just isn’t worth it. For example, for the same price of a Mac you can double the speed on a PC. I am willing to give up a “personal feel” to my computer in order to spend less money, considering the technology will become obsolete within a few (usually 2-3) years.
    Not to mention software compatibility and viruses (macs are not immune), both of which are a serious factor for me.


  6. id get virus protection for your mac in 2009 it was hacked in ten secounds


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