How Will You Burn?

life – here one day

gone the next

so we learned so well

to tell our ourselves

we don’t remember how we began

chalking it up to circumstance and fate

preparing our dreams for storage

on forgotten shelves

content to live out our days

like scared little soldiers

curled up on the floor

while the revolution is fought outside our of front doors

each of us a lighted match

we watch each other burn

simultaneously awaiting our turn

to fizzle out and shine no more

how can we make it last

when there is so little to kindle

shield it from the wind

angle it just right

burn it to the singe – and out!


what is the meaning of this

shimmering, finite, point of light

the point is – you were lit

length does not equal life

take you eyes off the stick

and let it burn with all of your might

~ by rimofheaven on June 28, 2008.

One Response to “How Will You Burn?”

  1. Pure brilliance.


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