Gaza’s Obama campaign

The world is, and should be expectant. We really are the leaders of the free world. With this status comes great responsibility. Nations are looking to us to reflect our own ideals. The ones we claim to be fighting for, impose sanctions over, and stand on so proudly. Over the past several decades, America has been the only country in the world with the resources and know how to actually save it’s own and assist the world, and lately we have fallen short. You’re reading my post and you’re thinking “get real.” But I am telling you, our allies, nations in need and peril, need us to be a stabilizing force for good in this world. Immigrants who leave everything behind – some at great risk – for a shot at our fabled American dream, believe this more than most of us indigineous Americans do. We don’t realize how important we are; how important our ideals are to the rest of the world. So, much of the world has a vested interest in the outcome of this election. In their eyes it is a simple choice between war and peace, and they look on us in amazement as we seemed to actually struggle with this choice. In senator Obama, they some see a figure who is inherently less provincial than president Bush. A figure who has a bit of Africa, a bit of Asia, and a big piece of Ameria in himself, and this gives them hope.

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~ by rimofheaven on June 24, 2008.

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