Drilling in the Artic – Nothing is Sacred

Under this Bush administration – at the risk of sounding a bit simplistic – Nothing is sacred. There is a race by the oil companies to ride us into submission. They will milk – what they see as a rare opportunity – this last year for all it is worth. Either way, they either break our will and get what they want, or at the very least boast a record run in profits.

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~ by rimofheaven on June 24, 2008.

One Response to “Drilling in the Artic – Nothing is Sacred”

  1. The thing is though, these oil, auto, motor vehicle depts, insurance etc. have HAD it their way for what 100 yrs now??? For example: In 1978 in Phx, Arizona they were going to build a massive PUBLIC train system, as Phoenix was massive back then. They even had sample train cars at the Metro Center shopping mall in Phx. It NEVER came to be. I moved from my family’s home since the 1800s (ARIZONA) to San Francisco bay area for eleven yrs. San Francisco has its problems, but at least their public servants cared MORE about the “LIFETIME” tax paying American families, than the OIL etc.! They have TWO -story below street level trains, the Bart train goes approx. 60 miles square. they have cable cars still, electric buses, gas bases golden gate transit and CAL TRANS. One doesn’t even NEED a car, or WANT a car.
    In phoenix my dream for phoenix RUINED by republican SELLOUTS and their enabler democrats! The bus system is a little better than it was, but NOT much. I find it disgusting that they finally completed a light rail, for THEMSELVES ( down town where they put people they set up through all of their court systems for more revenue) The light rail is laughable to me, when I see folks standing at their bus stops in 115 degree heat! When I see price gouging at gas stations, as there are NO rules for corporations or politicians in AZ. or MVD/DOT, Only for tax payers.
    They cry NO BIG Government, yet they want ALL of the taxes, PLUS every red cent you have left, and then they TAKE your property, assets, slave labor and after that is gone??? They WILL set you up to pay monthly payments I promise. If you cannot pay it? They will add interest, then they will put you and your children in their prisons for profit ( more federal tax dollars).
    So OIL etc. has DESTROYED America! They are over in the middle east ” conquering”.. oops! I mean classified mission of fighting for our freedom? for oil? land? poppy farms? minerals? slaves?
    The American people WANT it our way now! To me there is absolutely NO excuses for their to NOT be the massive public train system here two levels below powered and air conditioned by the largest SOLAR grid in the nation ( they let China beat us for the largest in the world) Their OLD tired, destructive ANYTHING for PROFIT policies are over!
    Please join me in filing a massive class action law suit against OUR government across the board citing: Taxation without representation, NO confidence, fraud, war crimes, treason and LONG list of civil and criminal crimes against the American people and others. While we sue we have a massive TAX strike, holding ALL taxes in an account with the court and suspend ALL government employees WITHOUT pay., keeping a temporary skeleton crew to run important PUBLIC offices.
    The reason I say sue, is because they ( corporate criminals and their public servant enablers, accomplices) have MANIPULATED our laws making them have total immunity and if the American people don’t like it they are now terrorists? They’ve made laws to KEEP OUR government going, even though we have the right and DUTY to ABOLISH OUR government if we so choose? They’ve sat in OUR offices and buildings, gave tax credits to American MADE corporations to OUTSOURCE our jobs, our prosperity so THEY could get rich??? They sit in OUR offices and buildings calling us BUMS, lesser people and we are dealing with arrogant types that all through history believe “THEY” are superior and have the right to enslave others for their profit? They think “they” own the entire planet and everything and everyone on it!
    Well guess what?… These people are NOT “The fittest”, as they have to have other’s money, property, labor, assets, bodies for prison profits etc. to survive! So they built the largest Nuclear Plant in the USA here to power California and they did NOT care if the people BORN here liked it or not!
    The American people have done phenominal things throughout history and some want violence and even trying to protest, assemble peacefully, our enemies will HIRE some LOONY toon to provoke violence. So we SUE! sue baby sue!

    The dems are just as bad to me, because if they have nothing to hide? then have these traitors IMPEACHED, PROSECUTED! They’ve allowed this total ROBBERY of America and it is getting worse.
    Americans who have NO jobs think Arizona wants illegals out, well they do for many reasons, but the public servants here do NOT tell America or Arizonans that they’ve DONE nothing to Arizona biz owners who drive down to Mexico and pick up truck loads, as long as they get those contributions?? they do NOT care. Plus motor vehicle sets truck drivers up for REVENUE and I have proof! In fact MY driver’s license is suspended from someone putting an extra point on my Husband’s CDL 3 years ago. WE received NO notification that HE was driving a big rig for 4 in a half months with a suspended CDL. Then they suspended the registration on BOTH of our private vehicles with NO notice! I got pulled over and our insurance found out first and canceled it! So $3,000. in fines I finally have down to $67.00 and guess what they did to me? They CLAIM they did NOT receive May’s payment, even though I have the MO receipt , they say that is NOT proof that I mailed it??? The very DAY they recieved June’s payment they suspended my DL anyway??? I am doing a trace on the letter with May’s mo in it and a trace on the MO. So paying payments on time for years for something i didn’t even do means nothing? SO now I received a letter tacking on hundreds, of dollars in FEES! I am disabled, a coma survivor, my husband while laid off, was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer which went un-diagnosed for so long it is in his spine, pelvis, thigh bones etc.! You think Arizona government cares??? So see why we MUST start a new? They arrogantly just do whatever they want and it is CRIMINAL!
    They sit around with ALL of the cash they stole and play Roman Empire. We are their Arena, for entertainment, they probably even make bets on who will kill first, or starve first.
    Has anyone else noticed how every company/corporation/agency is robbing Americans from EVERY side? My auto insurance PURPOSELY canceled my policy twice a month just to tack on $30.00 a month in re-enstatement fees for 22 months. They added $650.00 on to the end of my policy! What is amazing is they MAILED me proof!!! Like they DARE me to hire a lawyer???? This is what every one is doing in USA and personally!… I think it is criminal!
    I say we SUE, baby SUE!


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