Junk News Video and the Bitter Baying of Talk Radio

     What is the news like where you live? Is it “fair and balance?” Is it cynical or optimistic? Is it tolerant? When you listen to it or watch it do you feel represented? Is it intelligent? Where I live, it can feel like I’m in an intellectual wilderness, in the midst of a great famine, ravaged by ignorance and intolerance, and haunted by the bitter baying of talk radio.

     I live in Calais, Maine. I work as a police officer, so I’m in a patrol vehicle about six days out of the week. While I patrol I listen to the radio, usually searching for some objective news reporting. Well, I used to search. Now, I just listen and curse. I prefer talk radio, but up here talk radio is biased, angry, cynical, and racist. Still, I listen because it is better than nothing. Here is what the schedule is like: Glenn Beck 9am-12pm, Rush Limbaugh 12pm-3pm, Howie Carr 3pm-7pm, and Sean Hannity 7pm-10pm. Different men, different names, different times, same rhetoric, all on FM 103.9 The Voice of Maine! There are no other talk radio shows that come in clearly, but The Voice of Maine is always crystal clear; almost digital in quality. Some of you will ask: “What about NPR?” Well, NPR is good during the telethons when they are looking for new pledges. They save all of the good programing for these events. Well, in fairness, that is not entirely true, but really, some of the time it is as about informative as white noise. That’s my secret pet name for Maine Public Radio – white noise. Anyway, obviously what I’m getting at is, I’m frustrated that nearly everyone around me gets force fed the junk news on talk radio up here, then they wash it down with a good dose of Fox News. However, as I look around me, I realize that nobody else but me is unhappy about it. I’m the only one complaining. So it’s my problem, right? Well, maybe not. I found this video at Thejedreport.com. Check it out.

ps. If there is someone else out there from norhern Maine, I would especially like to hear your thoughts.






~ by rimofheaven on June 14, 2008.

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