Cosmic Executioner – Just How I Feel Sometimes

Sometimes I wonder

where I’m going

where have I been

or is it too late

to chart a new course

as the half way point nears

like one drowning to the surface

I keep on kicking

but for how long

and for what

when identities are reports

dreams determined by scores

as the weight mounts

the tied keeps pulling

relentless subtlety

until you decide

you don’t want to swim forever

to fight for air

it would feel so good sometimes

to just sink

down, away, and from

addiction’s arms

fates cruel reminders

of who you aren’t

ever going to



or be

I hate me

just be finished with me

I’m so sorry I challenged you

to this fight called life

the dark is cold

and time so indifferent

cosmic executioner

gives me the long shove

into oblivion

~ by rimofheaven on May 9, 2008.

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