Dear America,

as we stand on the precipice of the uncertain future, I bet most of us never thought we would be standing here – together – on the edge of destiny. The cliffs of fear are jagged and unforgiving, and have scared off many a generation before us. Back to the mainland – the land we have always known. Looking back like the Israelites to bondage who chose to persevere – so must we. History is not made in the books we read, but in the hearts that burn with passion and refuse to give in to cynicism. Souls pushed to the brink fight back! Well, America is on the brink, faced with two choices, each a road of no return.  One leads to war, negativity, hopelessness, and politics as usual. The other leads to the uncharted territory of hope, understanding, and fresh and noble challenges. Which will we choose? Some call this a chance for the candidates, but really, it is a chance for America to break the cycle of politics as usual, of racial division because yes, this great moment in our history is our chance to make the choice that our children and grandchildren can look back at and read about, and know we did the right thing. Who knows, maybe some day they’ll refer to our generation as the bravest generation; the generation that defied convention and reached across centuries of division to lead a world that is watching in a new direction. We are so close.


~ by rimofheaven on May 7, 2008.

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