Imperfect Love

What were you thinking

when you decided

that your life was not worth living

that our love was not enough

to convince you

you meant the world

a thousand times over

words could never say how much

i needed you around

to remind me i was loved

to remind me to laugh

to remind me to live

each day of my life

with those i love

as if it were my last

chance to give

my heart away

to those who needed all the love inside

to say i love you

to those who needed to know

that someone knew

that they were worth something

looking back i wonder

was it you i forgot to show

just how deep

just how much

and exactly why

my love for you could never die

in my lifetime

nor in yours

for eternity

our hearts will fly

tied together

by the hands of God

who stomachs this forsaken world

for one reason

to show that love does conquer all

pain and suffering

life and death

and that it knows no season

so go ahead

fly for now

race with the angels

but remember me

when you look into the sun

or witness the birth of new worlds

remember that in an imperfect world

my imperfect love belonged to thee


peter allen harris

Dedicated to my dear friend

Stanley Ernest (The Man) Flemming

Born July 13, 1971

Died January 25, 1997

who taught me to live


~ by rimofheaven on April 24, 2008.

One Response to “Imperfect Love”

  1. Well, good poet. By the way, when I feel uselee or worthless, then I will look around other life. I found those who suffer in hunger, poverty, insulted. Thus I must wake up from my worthless feeling then try to help them.


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