Whateverrrr, Howard Dean

Howard Dean on April 1st, 2008:

Howard Dean on April 18, 2008 to Wolf Blitzer: “I need a decision ‘now from the Super Delegates. We can’t afford to wait two more months.”

Screw Mr. Dean!!! He can raise his hands all he wants, feigning peacemaker, when in fact he is one of the many power players in this political game, waiting for the best opportunity to push for a decision from the supers (rather than the people). I’m sure it is just coincidence that his seemingly most emphatic push for a move to action comes right after the joke that was the Philadelphia debate. This is exactly the moment he and the Clintons have been waiting for. Good luck with that Howard.

April 15 was a bad day for the Democratic party, with Obama taking the brunt of the hits. However, the Philadelphia debate will go on to prove two things. One: All American Voters have already made up their minds, even before the debate. Opinions will not change because supporters (Howard Dean, George Stephanopoulos ) or voters (you and me) or even the media networks (Fox News: Fair and Balanced) have already dug their heels in behind the candidate they are more comfortable supporting. From here on out it will boil down to a test of wills between generational, racial, and sexist ideologies. Two: First the Clinton campaign, and eventually the right will learn to stop swinging for a glass jaw that does not exist. Every time Senator Obama is raked over the coals, he comes away a more seasoned and stronger candidate. And Philadelphia especially, will contribute to this phenomena. If senator Obama fails to win the presidency, it will not be due to a weakness or flaw. It will be due simply to a ideological choice made by a majority of American people, validated by a perceived (unpatriotic), rationalized (not ready), irrational (Where’s his lapel pin?) or invented (He’s a Muslim) shortcoming that we use to make our choice an easier one.

~ by rimofheaven on April 19, 2008.

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