Hillary, Jesus, and her Minions

When former Clinton surrogate Bill Richardson chose to endorse Senator Obama, the Clinton camp responded by first calling it irrelevant and too little too late. Then, Clinton minion James Carville, accused Governor Richardson of being a Judas. Why is it that the Clinton camp always tears down anyone who exercises his/her right to make a vote/choice that does not favor Hillary? You either don’t count because you participated in a caucus, or you’re too late to make a difference, or you don’t live in a big enough state to matter. Can’t her surrogates see that they are burning bridges?

Mr. Carville,
1: Jesus wasn’t running against anyone to be the Messiah.
2: Jesus never kissed up to Judas for an endorsement.
3: Jesus only wanted to help Judas.
4: Hillary only wants to help herself. (Damn the party!!)
5: Jesus never whined about being asked the tough questions.
6: Jesus didn’t have a rap sheet a mile long.
7: Jesus had scruples.
8: This list could go on till Jesus comes again and decides to ask you about your interesting comparison.

Heilemann: Robert Reich to Endorse Obama

Robert Reich is president Clinton’s former Labor Secretary, and he has chosen to endorse Senator Obama. I wonder which disciple he will be. Doubting Thomas perhaps?


~ by rimofheaven on April 19, 2008.

2 Responses to “Hillary, Jesus, and her Minions”

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  2. Liberal Blogosphere’s Loss of Any Legitimacy
    Regarding election analysis, I have consistently found myself agreeing with the likes of Michelle Malkin, Karl Rove, Ann Coulter and Lou Dobbs. That really bothers me, but this is mainly because of the Dr. Strangelove obsession that white and black, elitist Leftist activists have with Senator Barack Hussein Obama. This group via the leftist and liberal blogospheres have established Senator Barack Hussein Obama as The Boy in the Bubble. Nothing bad can ever be said about him. No tough questions are allowed. All his negatives are not negatives but a product of his being black in America.

    The Clintonista Post


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