Rupert Murdoch Restores My Ability To Laugh :)

When was the last time you really laughed, laughed to so hard your cheeks tingled and your stomach hurt? Personally, those moments of laughter are rare, probably because my sense of humor is rather dark. Normally only a tickle fight with my family can raise my laughter to such levels. Lately, this presidential race has made it difficult for any of us to find a lighter side to politics. With all the issues of ‘isms, misspoken words (Lies), and he said, she said, I’ve reached the point where I just don’t really want to know some times. In a campaign that is supposed to be about hope and change, all we are really seeing and hearing is the politics of point and blame. At the end of the day there isn’t much to smile about. Just ask my wife and kids. You know it’s bad when your 8 year old is trying to cheer you up by asking you about pledged delegates. So anyway, I saw this video of Rupert Murdoch’s reaction to a parody of the Wall Street Journal in which a nude picture of Ann Coulter is featured. Maybe I’m sick, but watching him just honestly loose it for a moment made me smile. Things are so tense right now that everyone needs a break, even billionaires. I hope this video makes someone else smile. Below the video is the picture that so upset Mr. Murdoch. In the end, you can’t really blame him. It’s rather tasteless.

~ by rimofheaven on April 15, 2008.

5 Responses to “Rupert Murdoch Restores My Ability To Laugh :)”

  1. Thanks for this! It made me rather angry than smile. One small example how that idiot is manipulating media. I guess I’ll repost it. Thanks again!


  2. […] Thanks for this video to rimofheaven’s weblog. […]


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  5. You may enjoy my current post about Rupert Murdoch. When I found the information, it was eye opening.


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