Dear Sega: A Case for Dreamcast 2

Dear Sega,

Hello. My name is Peter Harris, and I live in Calais, Maine with my wife and two daughters. I’m writing to you because I believe that Dreamcast should never have left the gaming market. I’ve been gaming since Space Invaders, and have owned nearly every game console ever made (Coleco Vision, Atari, Nintendo, SNES, Turbo Graphics, Sega Genesis, Saturn, PS1, PS2, Xbox, and last but not least, Dreamcast) and the Dreamcast was the system I fell in love with. My daughters’ (ages 8 and 10) favorite game, with many choices before them, is Skies of Arcadia. In it’s time the Dreamcast was the most innovative game console money could buy, giving gamers pioneer-like features: On-line gaming, the extraordinary VMU, and the bravest game selection ever launched. Many of those games live on today through the competition: Project Gothem Racing was once known as Metropolis Street Racer, Skies of Arcadia had great success on the Game Cube, Seaman went bravely into the gaming market that nintendogs is ruling today, and of course Sonic – Mario’s only equal. Sega, as a result amassed a very loyal following for the Dreamcast that literally spans all continents. Since the Dreamcast was taken from gamers world-wide, many of us have been waiting. Meanwhile, “the big three,” Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo, have launched their visions for the next generation in gaming, and have shown some promise. But I am telling you, DREAMCAST WAS THE NEXT GENERATION! Xbox took the on-line gaming market, Nintendogs is running from the competition with virtual life market that Seaman helped to spark. Despite these efforts we are waiting still. Please Sega, bring it back. and make gaming right again.


Peter Harris

~ by rimofheaven on April 13, 2008.

7 Responses to “Dear Sega: A Case for Dreamcast 2”

  1. I agree with you. They had gaming on lock i think they should make a dreamcast 2 or something that would make gaming write but the one thing that sega never had was brains they do not have the ppl to stay strong and have consumers thinking to stay with them. They give up on there fans and ppl that like it the most so like i said i agree with you but they dont have brains there are too stupid to understand what we are talking about lol.


  2. Ahhh i am a Dreamcast Fan and i own 5 Dreamcast with original games with the hope of a Dreamcast SEGA you can do it i ever appreciate you i am a SEGA FAN AND WE WANT A SEGA DREAMCAST 2




  4. Dreamcast is the most best videogame system of all times actually and is more cool than wii i want a Dreamcast 2


  5. DREAMCAST is still alive and dont give up like this SEGA Nintendo is your enemy dont you remember?


  6. wow it would be awesome




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