Chelsea & Monica, A Question of Parental Priorities


Twice now, Chelsea has been faced with answering the dreaded Monica question. A question which should be posed to her parents: She was asked during a campaign event at Butler University in Indianapolis whether her mother’s credibility was affected in any way by how the then-first lady handled the scandal over Bill Clinton’s relationship with intern Monica Lewinsky.

“Wow, you’re the first person actually that’s ever asked me that question in the, I don’t know maybe, 70 college campuses I’ve now been to, and I do not think that is any of your business,” Chelsea said.

She faced the question again at North Carolina State University. Chelsea’s response was pretty much the same as the one she gave last week when a Butler University journalism student first asked the dreaded question.

Chelsea, has a good heart, untainted by politics so far. However, there was nothing personal about the question. The question was actually very relevant to her mother’s campaign. People/voters do consider these things, as I’m sure Bill and Hillary do. Her father’s misconduct took place on the job, in the house voters pay for. If the young man had asked her how the Lewinsky scandal effected her family, then it would have been personal. Chelsea’s response showed a small hint of immaturity. It made me sad for her. She should not be involved at this level. Truth be told, Bill Clinton should have to answer for his own mistakes, not his daughter. If her parents loved her as much as they loved their careers, they would make sure she was never in danger of being hit by any political weaponry. Despite the mistakes all parents make, most of us possess a parental instinct to protect our children from ourselves, and hold them in a sacred place.

~ by rimofheaven on April 1, 2008.

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