Not This Time!

Race divides us. And I’m so tired of it my frustration is beyond words. These past couple of weeks have been hell. Watching and listening to America go down the same old path of racial divisiveness while standing by helplessly, has caused me to retreat into a shell of fatalism. After all, if one ceases to hope one can not be disappointed. During this time, I have thought most about my closest friends, none of whom are black. They are far away, and can only be reached by phone or mail. Never at any other time have I wanted and needed to be near them more; to hug them, hold their hands, to stand by them, to say I love you, and hear it in return. And yet, I have done nothing because the divide seemed bigger and stronger than anything else – it always does. Not just to me, but to most Americans. Race makes mutes of us all. There are, however, special people who come along once in a life time who are capable of transcending racial divides: Ghandi, Kennedy, Mandela, King, Theresa (Agnes Bojaxhiu). They act as vessels; sirens of a collective consciousness, otherwise inexpressible. Today, on March 18, 2008, in the city of Philadelphia, an American stood up in the midst of a racial/political fire-storm, and shone like a beacon. Speaking from the heart on race relations in America, religion, health care, and the economy, Senator Obama spoke about America with a love, honesty, and passion that has been missing in American politics for decades. What ever happens, he has given this country a starting point. He as broke the ice, and freed us to speak freely and move forward into the bright unknown, or to retreat into a familiar darkness/misery that will gladly accept us with open arms. The choice is ours.

~ by rimofheaven on March 19, 2008.

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