Ineffable Truths

In a recent entry entitled: “I Can’t Look” – having grown increasingly sorrowful over the retro-racism that has stormed the air waves during the race for the democratic and republican presidential nominations – I stated:

I can’t look

because the greatest truths

remain ineffable to the small

inaudible to the strong

unprofitable to the rich

who would stand in the way

and deliver hope up to the mob

in exchange for tepid waters

I can’t look – anymore”

Well, tonight Keith Olbermann of MSNBC took a courageous stand where all of his peers across the American media have remained seated, and he put into words what so many Americans see, hear, feel, and know, but can not express. I feel like I’m back in the school yard, friendless, encirled by bullies, and this kid named Olbermann comes and stands by my side. Wow. He has won my respect, and I hope by sharing this video he can win yours.

~ by rimofheaven on March 13, 2008.

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