How it Feels to be Tased (50,000 Volts!0_o)

As a law enforcement officer who carries a taser, I feel I can speak knowledgeably in regards to the use of tasers in law enforcement. Are they over used or abused? Are they excessive force? Well, they probably are over used in some areas. Like any tool of trade, one can become over reliant on it in resolving potentially violent situations. The taser has become a substitute for sweat and muscle, which can be a good thing. Less harm comes to everyone involved when a taser is used. Still, the fear factor in tasing is not to be overlooked. The force of the volts – which attack your muscular system – is extremely unusual to say the least. I’ve watched grown men drop like limp rags after being tased for a mere few seconds; this being when they expected it and knew when it was coming. Now, take someone who has no idea or understanding of what is coming (50,000 volts of electricity coursing through your neuromuscular system) and they can quite easily conclude that the user of the taser is trying to torture them, break his/her will, humiliate him/her, or even place his/her life in jeopardy. Perception is reality. If you believe that someone is trying to do one or all of these things to you, your heart will beat faster, the adrenaline will be in overdrive, what you see and hear will be interpreted in a radically different light, and you will fight harder. This is why there is no substitute for the spoken word. Communication is the key. The Officer should explain what she or he expects, what the consequences may be, what is happening, and how to bring it to an end. In some cases good communication will defuse a potentially volatile situation. Then again, there are times when a visible taser will serve as a deterent.  An officer will find his/herself out numbered, and  the sight of a taser in a circle of guys looking for a fight, almost always gives them pause. Anyway, this is sounding like a lecture. Let me just share my own video of myself getting tased. The lighting in the video is poor. Oh, well. This really hurt.

~ by rimofheaven on March 7, 2008.

2 Responses to “How it Feels to be Tased (50,000 Volts!0_o)”

  1. I am so proud of you:)


  2. Psycho cop tasers guy for speeding


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