Sex Versus Race 2008

hillaryobama.jpgI observed on MSNBC a segment on “Morning Joe” with Joe Scarborough, in which the editor of The Nation – Katrina Van Heuvalappeared. She discussed her opinions on racism versus sexism, and the roles they are playing in this year’s race. It was her belief that Hillary Clinton is being treated unfairly due to her sex, and that sexism is harder to overcome than racism. I found this sentiment that was shared by her, Joe Scarborough and another female analyst, to be somewhat unfair. I agree that Hillary without a doubt faces challenges like sexism and racial bias, but the greater part of Hillary’s challenges come from the very experience she stands on so proudly. Unless she is only talking about her senatorial experience, which we know she is not. I don’t want to bash Hillary. There has been too much of that in this campaign, and we haven’t even begun the real race yet. So, I won’t raise up the past negatives she has going against her. I will say, however, that sexism is a huge barrier that we have only begun to cross in this nation. But, to minimize one and lift up the flag for the other shows how far we have failed to come in this great country when it comes to prejudice versus understanding. When Mr. Cunningham warmed up the crowd for John McCain, Hillary’s sex was not the red meat offered up to the crowd, but senator Obama’s name. This was done because it has racial, ethnic, and cultural connotations, and plays on the fears attached. Listening to Mr. Cunningham’s speech awakened a sickening fear in the pit of my stomach; a fear that any victim of a lynch mob probably feels. I have two daughters; one white, one black. I know they will each face many challenges. But only one will know that fear. Racism and sexism are each great walls that are dividing us. If we are ever to tear them down and joins hands, we must begin to understand they are equally unacceptable. And equal in strength.

~ by rimofheaven on February 29, 2008.

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