One in a Billion

Last night the sky was clear. All the stars were visible. I couldn’t see a cloud anywhere. Now, last night is gone and the new morning is here. The sky is covered by a blanket of grey clouds that are dropping billions of white flakes to the earth. Each flake seems to be about the same size as the stars I saw last night. There are so many falling that I can’t see very far out of my window. All there really is for me to see is the descending deluge.
I decide to look deeper into the onslaught. I see falling flakes. Deeper. I see more falling flakes. My eyes want to blink, but I look deeper still, until all of the flakes are gone. All but one. Only one remains. It is flat and chrysilis-white. Unlike the others that were seen before it, it does not appear to be falling at all. It is floating to the earth, rocking ever so slightly from side to side. It glides softly down an ethereal spiral staircase. Floating farther and farther down, it grows samller with each gliding step until it disappears into a mass of white darkness. Then I blink and all I can see are falling flakes.

~ by rimofheaven on February 5, 2008.

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